Arduino Companion App for Android and iOS

Since I bought my first arduino and ran a couple of simple projects I've never stopped thinking about what cool inventions I could do with such a small but powerful device!

I'm still in the process of mastering the basic stuff and the programming language so there's a lot more to do.

Luckily while browsing the Play store for some apps I happen to stumble upon this app called "Arduino Companion".

Arduino Companion is an app for people who are usually on the go and would like to have a full Arduino reference at the palm of their hands anytime and anywhere. And since this is an offline reference you won't need to connect to the web for a quick look.

I must say that I'm impressed on how helpful this app is. Aside from the reference, it has a resistor color code calculator for those folks who don't know what's the value of their resistor.

Want to find something about a certain topic or reference? This app has a built-in search interface to find it for you easily.

During my break time or when I've got nothing to do and I simply read this. I found lots of things packed inside this app and it's a cool way to learn something new about Arduino and what it can do.

So why not download it today and learn Arduino on-the-go!