Soldering is Easy

Soldering was the hardest part for me when I first started out on a couple of projects. My soldering iron was always oxidized thus unable to efficiently melt or transfer a solder into the PCB, and uneven blobs of solder in my components. One look at my board and you know it was done by a rookie.

But hey time's have changed after making about five projects, little-by-little my soldering skills had improved.

There are a lot of soldering tutorials out there on the net to help you so I need not make another one. I'll just share to you the resources I found to give you an introduction on how solder your circuits with ease, and/or to enhance your skills in soldering.

YouTube Videos:

A well-maintained soldering iron is necessary to properly solder your components, this is to make the solder stick to your iron and to the board for faster soldering. Failure to do so will cause the solder not to stick to your 'burnt' iron and may cause overheating your board.

PDF File:

This one's a cool comic book about soldering that's perfect for beginners and amateurs. Place it on your phone or tablet, (or better yet print it out) and share it to your friends and fellow enthusiasts.

Go to the download site or click the link below!

Have you got any soldering tutorials or tips for easier soldering? Share it in comments!